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The Seven Little Foys — A Musical Fable of Vaudeville

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The story of “THE SEVEN LITTLE FOYS” inspired a classic film musical (starring Bob Hope and James Cagney), and then later also a TV special (starring Eddie Foy Jr. and the Osmonds).  Now ASCAP award-winner Chip Deffaa has adapted this heart-warming saga for the stage, portraying a master entertainer, struggling to keep his family together after the death of his wife.
Eddie Foy was a beloved song-and-dance comedian, and he was also a bit of a rogue. For the most part, he left the responsibilities of parenting to his wife. But when his wife died, he took their seven high-spirited children on the road with him. They created a family act–“Eddie Foy and the Seven Little Foys”–that became the top family act of the era, an American institution.
It was out on the road, Foy said, that he and the kids came to fully understand, through their hardships and challenges, the importance of family. They all grew up–the father, as well as the kids, Eddie Foy later acknowledged–while entertaining the nation.
“The Seven Little Foys” is written for 10 (or possibly 11) players–the seven Foy children (who appear to range in age from about five to 15 years of age, the actors themselves can be a little older than their characters), their parents, and family-friend George M. Cohan. There is also the role of a judge which can be “doubled,” if desired, by the actor playing Cohan.  (For those desiring a show with a larger cast. Deffaa has also written another version of the story of the Seven Little Foys, “Song-and-Dance Kids”–also available from Leicester Bay Theatricals–with 38 roles; it may be performed by anywhere from 24 players to 40 or more players.)

“The Seven Little Foys” is one of the few musicals in which young people are stars. Audiences love seeing children sing and dance.  Every member of the cast gets some solo vocal exposure, as well as singing in group numbers.  This lively two-act musical comedy mixes oldtime favorites introduced and popularized by Eddie Foy and his family with infectious new originals by Deffaa.  The score – rich with sentiment – includes such enduringly popular songs as “Chinatown, My Chinatown,” “Row, Row, Row,” “Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland,” “ Shine On, Harvest Moon,” “Some of these Days,” “The International Rag,” and “ Moonlight Bay.” As the theatre critic of Time-Out New York noted: “The audience loved it–singing along, and at times moved to tears.”  Both the musical and its cast album (on Original Cast Records) have  received glowing reviews. Scott Siegel and Barbara Siegel ( called the show “a delightful charmer.” Joe Franklin (Bloomberg Radio, WBBR-AM) raved: “I have rarely been so riveted to a stage…. This is what show business is really all about.”


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  • 3m 1w 2tb 2tg 3b (Total cast of 11)
  • Several simple settings
  • Piano Accompaniment only
  • About 2:30
  • Order # 3076

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  • Millbook Community Players (Millbrook, Alabama) — November 2014 (Production Photos: SLFmillbrook)
  • Schimmel Center for the Arts/New York International Fringe Festival (NYC)
  • Seven Angels Theater (Waterbury, CT)
  • York Theater, NYC (Staged Reading)


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