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MY LIFE: The Musical — a musical

Posted on Sep 5, 2017 in Child/Youth Audiences, Coming Soon, Family Audiences, Musicals, Women Playwrights/Composers

By Angela and Andrew Scullin PERFECT FOR AMATEUR THEATRES, YOUTH THEATRE GROUPS AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS When emotion gets to be too much…burst into song! A celebration of all things Musical Theatre. What could be better than living in a world where everyone punctuates even the most mundane activity with a song? Tony Anthony is an average New Yorker but he is stuck in a musical. At first he is blissfully unaware of the supporting cast who provide the musical enhancement. As his suspicions grow, the chorus does what they can to keep the secret and it is only when the self-important choreographer breaks the action that Tony realizes what is really going on. Tony feels that he can’t trust anyone ever again, especially his new love, Jennifer. Is she for real or was she sticking to the script? Tony...

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The Zenith Escape — a short musical TYA

Posted on Jun 2, 2017 in Award Winners, Child/Youth Audiences, Family Audiences, Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Women Playwrights/Composers

by David Crespy Music and Lyrics by Meg Phillips Crespy (Perfect for TYA companies with Professional, Amateur, College/University or High School aged actors.) In this madcap interactive children’s musical comedy, Hank & Cici Hunter are two kids sucked into the mysterious land beyond the TV screen: Zenith! Unless they save their Mom from the evil game show host, Neato Keen and his henchmen, the Couch Potatoes, they’ll be turned into couch potatoes themselves! Many opportunities for the audience to be coached into the action onstage through Creative Drama techniques. PLAY DETAILS Either 6 actors: 2m, 2f, 2either OR 7 actors: 2m, 2f, 3either HANK HUNTER — overweight ten-year-old boy CICI HUNTER — his sister, bespectacled and undernourished eleven-year-old girl MOM — their mother COUCH POTATO 1– a Creature of Zenith COUCH POTATO 2– a Creature of Zenith NEATO KEEN —...

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The Saga of Sasquatch C’lone

Posted on May 25, 2017 in Family Audiences, Latest, New Releases, Premiere Musicals

Doc Holliday’s Electronic Medicine Show (or The Battle of the Bottles) Book by Jon Robert Howe Lyrics by C. Michael Perry & Jon Robert Howe Music by C. Michael Perry Two competing Medicine Shows: “Doc Holliday’s Electronic Medicine Show” vs. “Slickery Q. Slidey’s Toilet Water Tableaux”. They both sell Sasquatch C’lone, which they both claim to manufacture from a secret recipe. Doc sells bottle after bottle. Slickery sells … well, less than that, at least not at Doc’s price. Slickery is jealous, too jealous, because he is, after all, the bottler of all the C’lone ever made. He just can’t sell much of it to anyone but Doc, because Doc has the machine to distribute it: The Buckskin-Talky-Picture-In-A-Box, broadcast on the Saddle-light Broadcasting System, to cabins and fine homes across Pioneer America. Doc suspects something as Slickery carefully hides...

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The Ransom Note (or Sweet Katy’s Peril) — A Melodrama of Unusual Mirth

Posted on Jun 7, 2016 in Child/Youth Audiences, Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Women Playwrights/Composers

by Sheila Lynch Rinear  (Perfect for Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Junior High Schools, High Schools and many youth theatre groups.) This show is great for fun-get-everyone-involved-fund-raisers, as well as for schools and youth groups. Want some silliness that doesn’t mean anything and goes nowhere but no one cares because they’re having too much fun? Then you have the idea of THE RANSOM NOTE. The typical melodrama characters are present in the story of money to be stolen by the Villain, a Heroine to be kidnapped, and a Hero to be educated. There are orphans, and animals, and fathers who come to the rescue. There are old time songs to be sung, talent to be auditioned, and Villains to be thwarted. It s a smile-a-minute, laugh-out-loud evening of frivolous merrymaking and a blast for your cast.   PLAY DETAILS  Large...

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The Political Tinker — The Holberg Acting Edition

Posted on Oct 20, 2014 in Classics, Coming Soon

by Ludvig Holberg Adapted and Translated by Jerry Argetsinger and Sven Rossel  (For production by Professional, Amateur and Educational theatre groups.) The city council in Hamburg, Germany has been at odds with many of its citizens over several important issues. Herman von Bremen, a master pewterer, has established his own “political college” and is an outspoken voice against the local government.  Two of the elected city officials discuss the ridiculousness of Bremen and his naive political notions and agree to play a joke on him.  They convince him that the City Council has chosen him Mayor due to the ideas advocated by his notorious group. A series of comic situations demonstrate Bremen’s inability to conduct himself appropriately either politically or socially as mayor. His frustration is increased by the mounting attention he must also give his daughter with her...

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Frank’N Styne — The New Halloween Musical

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Child/Youth Audiences, Classics, Musicals

BOOK and LYRICS by Larry Hillhouse MUSIC by C. Michael Perry (TYA) (For production by College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, Middle Schools/Junior High Schools, Church Groups, Youth Theatres) A hilarious send-up of the Frankenstein story as the great grandson of the original comes to Castle Styne as heir to the mysteries of his predecessors. The score contains gems like the maids singing “Castles Are So Hard To Dust”, the new monster sings “It’s Alive” as he imitates Elvis, Egor sings about “Goin’ Choppin’” as he prepares to shop for body parts, and the list goes on. It’s perfect for Halloween. Franklin Kenneth Styne inherits an old castle from a distant relative (Frankie N. Styne). Upon arriving, he finds that he also inherited a Styne Castle staff, consisting of a hunchback experimenter who converses with a portrait, a cook,...

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How The West Was Done — The Musical

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Musicals, Women Playwrights/Composers

Book by ELIZABETH HANSEN & ELAINE HANSEN Lyrics by ELIZABETH HANSEN & C. MICHAEL PERRY Music and arrangements by C. MICHAEL PERRY (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools,  Church Groups, Youth Theatres) HOW THE WEST WAS DONE is fast paced, toe tapping’, rip roarin’ “Western” show full of authentic American music and original songs that will both delight the heart as well as tug at its strings. The story, I hear’d tell, is like this: COOKIE, a right likable “swedish meat-ball” of a chuck wagon cook, has sent fer a mail-order bride. He shows up at a remote way-station to wait fer the stage coach when who should he find? A handful of our fav-o-rite Western types: LUCKY, the Gambler; CURLEY, the true-blue Cowboy; and SHERIFF, the…well…Sheriff. Well, sir, after talkin’ and singin’ a...

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Where Is Jill? — A Musical for Children

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Child/Youth Audiences, Premiere Musicals, Women Playwrights/Composers

A multi-media musical for children by Shirlee Shields Music by C. Michael Perry (TYA) (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, Middle Schools/Junior High Schools, Elementary Schools, Church Groups, Children’s Theatres/Youth Theatres) WITH AMBER ALERTS STILL HEADLINING THE NEWS NETWORKS AND NEWSPAPERS, THIS MUSICAL OFFERS A FUN AND CREATIVE WAY TO HELP YOUR CHILD TAKE CARE OF ONE THING THAT THEY CAN MANAGE: TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND WITH WHOM. Jack cannot find Jill to make their usual daily trip up the hill to fetch a pail of water. He seeks the help of his friends in Nursery Rhyme Land to search for her. The news of Jill’s disappearance is picked up by national TV and soon becomes the concern of the President of the United States and the United Nations. The United...

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