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Land of Oz — The Play

Posted on Nov 4, 2018 in Child and Youth Audiences, Classics, Family Audience Plays and Musicals, Intergenerational Theatre, Latest, New Releases, Premiere Plays

Adapted by J.D. Newman From L. Frank Baum’s classic novel (Perfect for Professional, College/University, Community, High School, Middle School, and other Youth Theatre Groups) The farmgirl Tip lives in the north of Oz with the scheming witch, Old Mombi. When the witch tries to turn her into a statue, Tip runs away with the help of the pumpkin-man and sawhorse she has brought to life. Tip helps the Scarecrow King escape from the Emerald City after it is conquered by the Army of Revolt. Can Tip find the lost Princess Ozma and bring peace to the Land of Oz? This 50-minute tour-de-force is an ideal school touring show for university and professional theatres. From the PREMIERE PLAY FILE PLAY DETAILS: 5 f, 3 m, 3 either gender, plus 2 puppets (can be doubled) TIP – short for “Tippetarius,” a...

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The Gypsy Tree — a play with songs

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 in Child and Youth Audiences, Family Audience Plays and Musicals, Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Premiere Musicals, Premiere Plays, Seniors in Cast

by J.D. Newman Songs by Jennifer Haycock Errand (Perfect for Amateur, Professional, Educational groups as well as Youth/Teen theatres.) Jacqueline is a Gypsy maiden who yearns to settle down in a village. She steals her grandmother’s magic book and casts a spell on a large oak tree. Jacqueline hopes her “Gypsy Tree” will keep her rooted in the village where she has fallen in love with a young man. Jacqueline and her grandmother engage in a battle of magic, which changes their destinies and helps them to finally understand one another. This pastoral comedy is written in blank verse and rhyming couplets. PLAY DETAILS: 3m 3f About 90 minutes Period 1800s Fantasy costumes Exterior forest setting PREMIERE PLAY FILE Order #3126 Available for ALL producing groups! PERUSAL MATERIALS Perusal Pages File Available here: GypsyTreePERUSAL (The PDF file contains the first...

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DeGruchy’s Mantle — A Verse Play

Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in Award Winners, Latest, New Releases, Plays

by J.D. Newman (Perfect for Professional, College/University, Community, High School, Middle Schools, and other Youth Theatre Groups) Newman’s first verse drama, DeGruchy’s Mantle tells the story of a widow who leaves her magic mantle to her five teenage daughters just before her death. The daughters make a series of foolish wishes that cause a series of enchantments.  It is up to the youngest daughter, magically aged through the mantle’s power, who must restore her sisters and take charge of her mother’s gift. DeGruchy’s Mantle received a Meritorious Achievement Award in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival’s Region VIII playwriting competition. PLAY DETAILS: 5 young women 1 older woman and 2 young males. 75 minutes A simple exterior setting, either realistic or suggestive. Order # 3120 Available for ALL producing groups SOON. PERUSAL MATERIALS Perusal Pages File Available here: DeGruchy’sMantlePERUSAL (The...

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The Planemaker — A Musical Fantasy

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Musicals, One Person Shows, Religious Titles

The most magical story you will ever believe in! by Marvin Payne and Guy Randle. Adapted as Story Theatre for the stage by C. Michael Perry. (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, Middle Schools/Junior High Schools, Church Groups, Youth Theatres) Young Lucas Lightbrow can fly — and not just in his dreams. But in those bright, yellow dreams is also Amy Fletcher. As they grow and marry, and bear a child, Amy dies and Lucas is left alone. Somehow the flying leaves Lucas. Then his relatives raise their son. But soon Lucas’ grandson, Merwin, comes to live on the farm. And he teaches his Grandpa that it’s all right to dream — and it’s even all right to fly. This musical is a delightful and insightful journey through life and love as we find...

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