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Play Publishing & Theatrical Rights Licensing of Plays and Musicals for All Audiences

Submissions to LBT

Leicester Bay Theatricals


All plays and musicals must be for the Family Audience. (And we don’t mean ABC Family!) Nothing crude or defaming in any way. Challenging and exciting characters and intriguing and compelling story with action and song are paramount. Issues are welcomed when dealt with tactfully and thoughtfully. Any other shows that may be accepted, though edgier, will be marked in such a manner as to identify them from the Family Fare.


FIRST STEP — QUERY: Query letter with a synopsis of the story, a representative scene attached (in pdf format) and sample song attached (in mp3 format) if a musical (make sure that the song you send is from the scene you have chosen to send); your full contact information (name, address, phone, email, website, author bios); email to:

SECOND STEP–Full Submission: Once we contact you by email, it is then that we will request the full manuscript and a music CD to be mailed (emailed) to us. This must be an exclusive submission. We will not review any manuscript that is currently in submission to, or consideration by, another publisher. A video of a production may also be included. We will throw away any unsolicited material. (So, do not skip the FIRST STEP)


For those playwrights who are looking for production opportunities for their newest plays Leicester Bay Theatricals suggests: