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Marketing Singers and Musicians –3rd Edition

MarketingSingers3rdCOVERA Performer’s Guide to Artfully Making Money

by Mark Stoddard

Once you understand the principles taught in this book, you’ll never view marketing your art in the same way again. Reading and comprehending this incredible volume, mining its information and applying it to your career, will be an opportunity to expand your talent. The 3rd Edition is greatly enlarged and revised.


  • 276 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-615-74331-8
  • 5.5 x 8.5
  • Third Edition: 2015
  • List Price: $30.00


What people are saying about
Marketing Singers and Mark Stoddard

         “Where was Mark Stoddard when l was 23?? His new book should quite simply be required reading for all singers/musicians”
        “This material is SO desperately needed. THANK YOU for putting it down for us.  Thank you for giving us singers permission to feel okay about ‘selling ourselves’…!”
        “Your writing style is just as direct and engaging as your speaking style. I had no idea you had SO MUCH history! What a life you’ve led. You truly an inspiration — both in person and on paper.”Andrea Huber, International Star of Opera, Germany                              

“His precepts are exactly what my participants need. I saw their eyes light up they heard and learned skills that have never been offered them before  His lectures are filled with solid advice  strong skills, positive attitudes for business and life and he sprinkles the entire lecture with witty anecdotes, funny stories, and a sense of happiness that is infectious.”Dr. Thomas King American Institute of Music (AIMS), Graz, Austria                         

“Within two weeks of using Mark Stoddard’s strategies I was invited make my Carnegie Hall debut This is a ground breaking book  Stoddard’s obvious love and enthusiasm for each classical singer and their art form fill the book  Marketing Singers puts effective too@s for a successful singing career directly in the hands of the artist  Stoddard serves up bite-sized marketing nuggets even a raw beginner can quickly use to increase their audience and their singing income.  And he does it in an entertaining way Marketing Singers is jam-packed.”Linda Priebe Opera Performer, Founder of Arrivi Artist Marketing, Washington, D.C.

“Your book is the most readable book on business I’ve come across zip through the pages with complete comprehension and feel inspired rather than depleted by the idea of putting the ideas into action.”Elizabeth Harm Opera Performer and Entrepreneur, California

“l read your book from front to back in two days. I could not put it down.  Everything seems so much clearer now and the book laid out very specific actions that I can take to market myself in an appropriate manner.”Maria Elena Armijo Opera Singer, New Mexico

“Extremely valuable and brought me clarity and a course of action. I would love to repay you in some way. But, I can’t assign a price to what you gave me. All the best!” Clara Hurtado Lee

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