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Linda Britt — Author

LINDA BRITT is a Maine playwright who has had plays produced on both coasts. Recent works include “What If…”, “I Smile, Of Course, and Go On Drinking Tea,” and “Chosen: Adoption Stories,” along with her ten-minute play “If Only in My Dreams”. Her current project is a series of monologs focusing on immigration.



  • American Dreams: Immigration Stories
  • Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington
  • I Smile, Of Course, And Go On Drinking Tea
  • Chosen: Stories On Adoption
  • Mirrors and Memories: Five short plays inspired by the paintings of Norman Rockwell
  • What If…
  • Billionaire Vegans (MUSICAL)
  • Let Me Count The Ways (MUSICAL)
  • The Skeleton In The School (CHILDREN’S MUSICAL)
  • Who’s Running The School? (CHILDREN’S MUSICAL)
  • Book, Sledgehammer, Fencepost (SHORT)
  • Thanksgiving (SHORT) (contained in “Mirrors and Memories”)
  • The Girl In The Mirror (SHORT) (contained in “Mirrors and Memories”)
  • If Only In My Dreams (10 min)
  • Who Then Will Speak For The Common Good? (10 min)