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Huebener — A Play

HuebenerLOGOby Thomas F. Rogers

(For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, and Church Groups)

One of the classics of Mormon Drama, HUEBENER explores the true incidents surrounding the 17-year-old Helmuth and his fight against Nazi propaganda. A testimony of the truth about belief and faith in God and a statement against all totalitarian regimes.

Yes, this is a play centered around Mormons, but Helmuth’s resistance to Hitler, along with others like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Corrie Ten Boom, Sophie Scholl and the White Rose, and Anne Frank, make their stories as universal as any other. It has played in all types of theatres around the world and has drawn audiences of many differing faiths. It is a cinch to captivate your audience.

“If one is allowed only a few peak experiences in life, one for me was watching the text emerge of Thomas Rogers’ play Huebener. The work is a product of our local culture which has universal meaning. It invites all to consider models in addition to the pioneer legacy, to apply our thinking to contemporary issues, in this case the competing loyalty between freedom and obedience.” — Douglas D. Alder — President, Dixie College.

While aware of the risk to his life, Helmuth Huebener persisted in asserting his conscience. This fearless Latter-day Saint begins a campaign against Hitler’s propaganda machine. In this play we will witness his tragic story.

“Huebener has to be the most brilliant piece of theatre from a Utah author to date — a haunting, moving, powerful drama of ethics.” — Mary Dickson, Salt Lake Tribune.

“Tugs at our heartstrings and reminds us of the complexities of the life we live.” — Dallin H. Oaks


  • About 2 hours
  • 10M 2W plus ensemble of small roles
  • Unit Set
  • Order # 2010

Available for ALL producing groups.


  • The PERUSAL PAGES file for Huebener is available by clicking HuebenerPERUSALPAGES. The PDF file is the first act of the play and all other pertinent information about the play.
  • This and other plays by Thomas F. Rogers may be read in the new publication: The Plays of Thomas F. Rogers Volume 3 : Crises In Faith (the SEVEN plays included are: Huebener, Fire In The Bones, First Trump, Reunion, Set Apart, The Anointed (a musical theatre play), and Petunia Passes (a short play). You can purchase the seven play volume HERE for $16.00 (saving $3.99 off the list price) and getting to read all seven of Tom Rogers’ plays about the Latter-day Saints.
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  • Script in PDF format — Order #2010a : $25.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your production)

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  • EMAIL us for rights and information. Be sure to give us anticipated performance dates and the address of your group and, if different, your theatre. Please also include a contact name and phone number.


Huebener is available in the following languages: (contact us for details)

A PHOTO OF the real Rudi Wobbe, Helmuth Huebener, Karl Schnibbe in Hamburg, Germany



  • Pine View High School — 2014
  • Reno Little Theatre — October 2013
  • Helsinki Finland LDS Stake — November 2013 (In Finnish)

Timo Räisänen who plays Rudi Wobbe, Teemu Veito who plays Helmuth Hübener and Jerry Tikkanen who plays Karl-Heinz Schnibbe.

  •  BYU Idaho — 2004
  • Dixie State College — 2004
  • Bountiful Davis Arts Center — 2003
  • Donetsk Ukraine — 1997 (In Russian)
  • St. Petersburg Russia Stake — 1995 (In Russian)
  • Ann Arbor LDS Stake — 1993
  • Brigham Young University — 1992
  • Premiere Production at Brigham Young University — 1976




Here is a monograph written by the author of “Huebener”, Thomas F. Rogers, after his return from a trip to Finland to see the production there in the Fall of 2013. His insights into theatre in LDS culture, and religious culture in general are illuminating. Players by TFR


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Thomas F. Rogers

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