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Alpha Listing MUSICALS

Musicals listed by title (with links to the page)

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  • Daniel by R. Rex Stephenson & C. Michael Perry
  • Don’t Forget To Remember (about a teen, his dream and the unforseen) by Pat Davis, Ralph G. Rodgers and K Newell Dayley

  • Jonah!  by C. Michael Perry

  • Reindeer Games A Christmas Panto for Young and Olde! by Martin R. Collin
  • Rose (The Story of Rose O’Neill — The Kewpie Lady) by Neil K. Newell & C. Michael Perry

  • We Band of Brothers a musical farce by R. Rex Stephenson & Jon Cohn
  • Whatsoever: The Musical Story of Abraham — Quintessential Man of Faith by Mark Ogden
  • Where Is Jill? Children’s Musical by Shirlee Shields & C. Michael Perry
  • Wild Ducks Adaptation by Lee G.Williams III & C. Michael Perry

(NOTE: many of the songs to our musicals are available as individual sheet music. Click LBTMUSICALSONGSCORELIST for a PDF download of available titles)