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Leicester Bay Theatricals (Leice-ster is pronounced lester) publishes plays and musicals for all producing groups. The purpose behind this company is enlightenment through entertainment. Professionals, Amateurs, Educational, Religious and Children's Theatre groups will find something here. Website and all contents © 2011-2014 by Michael Perry Productions. YOUR USE OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS OF USE. (Found on the Information pages, linked above)

Author Spotlight

Phillip Flammer

Posted by on 2-20-15

Mark Ogden

Posted by on 1-29-15

Jerry Argetsinger

Posted by on 10-17-14

Ralph G. Rodgers, Jr.

Posted by on 9-9-14

Pat Davis

Posted by on 9-9-14

Doug Stewart

Posted by on 4-26-14

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